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Hacking the Woshida T7866WIP HD IP Camera

I’m at it again with taking inexpensive cameras and pushing them to the limits; this time it’s with a Woshida T7866WIP IP camera and uncovering undocumented functionality through curiosity, exploration, hacking, and reverse engineering. This camera resembles that of my Foscam clone which is nice when it comes to setting up a nicer remote interface or integrating with another security system. From the overall quality of the 720P video to the healthy click of the relay activating the IR LEDs, my overall experience with this camera leaves me wanting more of them! There are a few features, some of which are undocumented:

  • 720P video RTSP video stream
  • M-JPEG stream at 640×360 (VGA) or 320×180 (QVGA)
  • Micro-SD slot for recording video (continuous, scheduled, or alarm) and still photos (alarm)
  • ONV...
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Hacking the Motorola Scout73/Foscam73/Blink HD security camera

The Motorola Scout 73 HD is a network based 720p security camera with wifi, pan/tilt, 180 degree viewing, infrared night vision, and has a IP66 weatherproof housing. This sounds really nice especially for the price tag but you are forced into relying on a Monitor Everywhere solution which is absolutely ghastly to use. Basically this camera pushes a 720p live feed, and snapshots, to a Hubble RTMP server and Monitor Everywhere uses a Hubble API to fetch this information and send your mobile phone alerts.

The few problems I’ve experienced with it are that video playback is not full-screened which kind-of defeats the purpose of streaming in 720p, you cannot save videos which again defeats the purpose of streaming in 720p, there is a significant delay in controlling the camera due to going fro...

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